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Let‘s Keep the Web Wide Open

It's time to reimagine online advertising, with a focus on the voices of creators who make the open web so vibrant.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the importance of independent publishers and the open web more broadly with the launch of a new initiative, Web Wide Open.

The advertising industry is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation that will shape what types of companies and content creators will be able to thrive in the new digital advertising ecosystem. And even though the end of third-party cookies is delayed to 2023, we believe it is critical to maintain all of our collective efforts to ensure that the coming changes do not allow the larger tech platforms to gain even more power at the expense of the open web and independent publishers and creators.

Today, there are tens of thousands of amazing publishers and entrepreneurs who are able to make a living as content creators. They add an incalculable amount to the quality and diversity of content on the open web. It is advertising that makes it possible for them to reach hundreds of millions of users each month.

Our aim with this effort is to ensure that the coming industry changes do not come at the expense of these extraordinary content creators. Users suffer if the Big Tech platforms become even more powerful and the primary source of information is the social media feed. Advertisers lose out when the tech platforms gain too much power and when they are unable to connect with users of great content across the web. Our hope with Web Wide Open is to help educate and further galvanize the many stakeholders who will drive and be impacted by the upcoming changes. We are excited to continue working with advertisers, agencies, regulators and tech partners to find the best solutions for everyone. Above all, we want to ensure everyone knows the importance of independent publishers and the value they bring in creating the web we all know and love.

If we work together, we can find a better way that works for everyone. One that respects user privacy but doesn’t make it more difficult for advertisers to support creators directly on the open web.

This website was designed as a resource for everyone who touches our industry. It features interviews with some of the incredible publishers we work with at CafeMedia. It is inspiring to hear their stories and how advertising impacts their businesses. We look forward to sharing more stories from amazing creators across the web. We’ve also included interviews with industry leaders from Clorox, News Corp and Meredith Corporation (to name a few). These in-depth conversations share how industry changes will impact them and what comes next. And if you’re looking for quick resources and one-pagers, we’ve got it. You can dig into explainers and weekly recaps to stay up to date on the latest developments in this fast-moving conversation.

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Let’s tell the world that if we work together, we can make sure what comes next protects the freedom, diversity and openness of the web we all know and love.

Keep the web wide open.

Michael Sanchez; CEO, CafeMedia


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