The open web is a source of endless possibility.

For anyone to explore their unique interests.
For creators to express their original voices.
For advertisers to make connections.
An arrangement that kept the web thriving, benefitting anyone who opened a browser.

It worked well until it didn‘t.
Access to information took precedence over privacy.
Trust was broken.

We believe there‘s a better way.
One that respects privacy, and allows the open web to flourish.
Now is the time to reimagine advertising.
To create solutions that help everyone advance.
But with big tech dominating the conversation, there‘s no guarantee that will happen.

Solutions that raise walls will eliminate the voices — explorers, creators and the advertisers who empower them — that make the web a vibrant place.

Raptive is the largest network of independent publishers,
which gives us a unique ability to advocate for a free and open web.
We want to share our seat at the table with you.

The third-party cookie is going away.
So let‘s work together to make sure that what comes next protects the freedom, diversity and openness of the web we all know and love.

Keep the web wide open.

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